Definitions for "Garlic press"
Keywords:  clove, utensil, kitchen, crush, juice
we love garlic, so we have tried many different garlic presses. The final two best presses in our possession stack up differently. The more expensive Kuhn Rikon Epicurean press is very pretty, stainless steel, with a flip out grill for easy cleaning, but still you have to brush the grill persistently, while the Pampered Chef press at about half the price (still not cheap) has a separate plastic reverse grill that you press into the holed grill to push out the garlic remains, and that works rather well, but you have to find somebody in their network to buy it from. We always dump in the garlic remains to whatever recipe we are doing. No need to waste the stuff just because it is in a different form than what makes it through. Garlic peelers are a different story. There is the teeth press version (doesn't work very well) and the plastic tube version (tedious to remove the garlic skins). We just press them with our hands/knife and cut and peel with a knife.
A kitchen tool used to press a garlic clove through small holes, thereby extracting both pulp and juice. Leaving the skin on the clove facilitates cleaning, which should be done immediately after pressing, before any garlic left in the press dries. The press can also be set in a cup of warm water until cleaning time. Some presses contain teeth that push garlic fragments back out through the holes, making cleaning much easier. Garlic presses can be made of aluminum, stainless steel and strong plastics.
a press for extracting juice from garlic