Definitions for "Mushrooms"
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Some Bordeaux wines have a slight smell of fresh mushrooms. Could be from the soil.
An exciting crop of fresh, dried and canned mushrooms has sprung up in recent years. A great flavor trick is to combine white mushrooms with a more flavorful variety, such as portabella or crimini. Cooked together, the whites will pick up the stronger flavor of their counterpart. It saves money because whites are the least expensive, but you get the full taste of the more expensive variety. To prep fresh mushrooms, cut a thin slice from the bottom of the stem. Gently wipe with a cloth or soft brush or rinse quickly with cold water (do not soak in water); pat dry with paper towels.
Edible fungi used in soups and other dishes. Available fresh, dried, and also canned.
"Mushrooms" is the seventeenth episode of NBC's legal drama Law & Order. It originally aired on 2 February 1991.
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A mild earthy quality, pleasant in restraint, although a musty, mushroomy quality may also indicate a 'corked' wine.
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Goochi Vegetable
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about ( Watercress Salad)
An illegal drug. Also known as “shrooms,” this drug looks like regular mushrooms but are extremely hallucinogenic.
are nearly round and 'Butterflies' are pronged and branched and very irregular normally used by vendors.
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Keep in original package 2 to 3 days