Definitions for "Generate"
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will build thousands of unique pages with just a simple keyword file.
(1) (File menu) To convert the report definition into a binary file. (2) To write a display to a file or database in a binary format that can be executed by the Oracle Graphics Runtime and Batch executables.
To save a procedure containing a WebDB component to a file or database in a binary format so that it can be executed in run-time and batch mode.
Generate is an automated Gentoo system installer. It uses a hierarchal config file system similar to Gentoo Portage.
The automated creationg of something.
To beget; to procreate; to propagate; to produce (a being similar to the parent); to engender; as, every animal generates its own species.
To originate, especially by a vital or chemical process; to produce; to cause.
produce (energy); "We can't generate enough power for the entire city"; "The hydroelectric plant needs to to generate more electricity"
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To cause to be; to bring into life.
to bring into being; to produce
bring into existence; "The new manager generated a lot of problems"; "The computer bug generated chaos in the office"
To Create. A click of the Save and Generate button in WebIT saves the work and creates the items on the Development area of the server.
To translate a 3D scene into a snapshot or animation (saved in bitmap or audio/video interleaved format, respectively). Also known as render. Generating draws scenes in a higher resolution and more detail than is visible in the Scene Preview window. For a snapshot, generating translates the scene into a bitmap. For an animation, generating combines models and animation paths.
make children; "Abraham begot Isaac"; "Men often father children but don't recognize them"
A formal set of rules which explicitly defines the grammatical sentences of a language is said to generate that language. Such a set of rules constitutes a generative grammar.
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(root cap cells by meristem zone)
To trace out, as a line, figure, or solid, by the motion of a point or a magnitude of inferior order.
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good at