Definitions for "Georgian style"
The dominant style in British architecture during the time of the Kings George (1714-1830). It is characterized by simple, elegant buildings with classical features. This style was particularly favoured by British immigrants and United Empire Loyalists who came from the U.S. to settle in Canada.
British 18thC style characterised by the proportions and ornaments of classical architecture, applied universally to buildings, furniture and decorative art forms. Passing styles within the period, including Chinese and gothic, were also accommodated. The Georgian era is divided into two main periods: the early Georgian period, 1720-60, under the reign of George I up to 1727 and George II thereafter, and the late Georgian period, 1760-1800, under the reign of George III. The term 'Georgian style' also sometimes includes the regency period to 1830.
A Classical English style prominent from about 1702 through 1830.