Definitions for "Gettysburg"
The name of a battle of the American Civil War fought in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylavania, in 1863. At this battle, the defeat of General Robert E. Lee's invading Confederate army was a major victory for the Union, and is considered by many a turning point in the war, after which victory by the Confederacy was no longer thought possible; as, many thousands died at Gettysburg. See also Gettysburg Address.
Ancient American battle in which Julian 8th ancestors fought bravely. He recalls this as he is frustrated over his own submission to the Kalkar rule. [MMa
A Vanguard scoutship that was first captured by the Hivers for their secret war against the B'hiri, then accidentically caused the destruction of the Kretonian homeworld, sparking their invasion of the known galaxy.
Gettysburg (1863) is an extended piece of music written by Jon Schaffer, the leader of American heavy metal band Iced Earth and performed by Iced Earth and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. It was released in 2004 (see 2004 in music) as a second disc included with the album The Glorious Burden. It was also released as part of a DVD set in 2005.