Definitions for "World War III"
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World War III (abbreviated WWIII), or the Third World War, is a term used to describe a hypothetical conflict on the scale of World War I, World War II or larger. Most usages of the term assume the use of weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons, biological or chemical weapons.
In the fictional Star Trek universe, World War III is a nuclear war that devastated much of Earth which took place during the mid-21st century. The war started in 2026 (revealed on a computer readout screen in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "In a Mirror, Darkly") and ended in 2053 (mentioned by Data in Star Trek: First Contact).
World War III was a miniseries, aired on the NBC network television in 1982. The plot consisted of a Soviet invasion of Alaska (in order to destroy the U.S. oil pipeline) which escalates into a war. The all-star cast included Rock Hudson as the President of the United States, Brian Keith as the Soviet Premier, Cathy Lee Crosby and David Soul.