Definitions for "Ghost Is Born"
Keywords:  wilco, yankee, foxtrot, hotel, looser
a looser, earthier version of Wilco's landmark Yankee Hotel Foxtrot , extending its harmonic textures and rhythmic underpinnings
a weaker, more self-indulgent experiment than much-praised "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
a worthy addition to the Wilco canon, and it deserves a place of honor in your record collection
a Great American Album (and not just a great American album)
an album about how beauty is possible when love takes hold, but love rarely occurs without failures, frustrations, trials, suffering, and in the end it disintegrates no matter how fleeting and precious it is
an album to enjoy many times over
a record about destroying yourself -- with drugs, with codependence, with noise guitar -- until all that remains is what others see you as -- an echo, a reflection, a ghost