Definitions for "Glovebox"
A sealed enclosure in which all handling of items inside the box is carried out through long rubber or neoprene gloves sealed to ports in the walls of the enclosure. The operator places his hands and forearms in the gloves from the room side of the box so that he is physically separated from the glovebox environment but is able to manipulate items inside the box with relative freedom while viewing the operation through a window.
a sealed container that both protects users from hazardous materials and isolates materials from outside contamination
A sealed box in which workers, while remaining outside and using gloves attached to and passing through openings in the box, can safely handle and work with radioactive materials, other hazardous materials, and nonhazardous air-sensitive compounds.
a positive pressure environment that allows you to process research or manufacture in an inert atmosphere, usually Nitrogen, Argon, or Helium
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