Definitions for "good business plan"
a crucial First Capital Solutions, Venture Capital, small business loan, real
a crucial part of any loan application because it provides specific and organized information about your company and how you will repay borrowed money
a crucial part of any loan package
a roadmap to guide the future of your business
a well-researched roadmap that spells out the goals and strategies that will be required to achieve real growth
a written document that serves you well as a guide to your future
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an excellent resource to have since it can serve as a road map for you to follow
an important step toward success
a road map for the founders of the company to follow
a great asset
a great start) or an interpersonal relationship issue, Footscapes has a staff that can meet your needs
a DYNAMIC one and includes plans for change
a must if you have investors or need financing, and planning
a selling tool to both advisors (ranging from VCs to investment bankers to other clients) and outside investors
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a working partner