Definitions for "Start-up"
a new business enterprise
A company at its initial stages of development - e... Add a comment
A newly formed business that may be a sole proprietorship, partnership or company with COMPANY receivables.
1.) In continuous inkjet, the automatic procedure utilized to introduce ink into the printhead. 2.) In impulse inkjet, the defect experienced from long periods of activity caused by evaporation of the inoperative channels.
The windspeed at which a wind turbine rotor starts to rotate. It does not necessarily produce any power until it reaches cut-in speed. See also: Cut-In, Twist
When the generator has enough rotation to begin producing power.
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One who comes suddenly into notice; an upstart.
The initial expenditure incurred in the setting up of an operation or project. The start-up costs may include the capital investment costs plus the initial revenue expenditure prior to the start of operations.
The period prior to occupancy when systems are activated and checked out, and the owner's operating and maintenance staff assumes the control and operation of the systems.
Smoothing of surface roughnesses on new or operational friction components with oil or grease lubrication.
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a making a bid for the online auction market by offering services that eBay can't
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A kind of high rustic shoe.
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a floppy that contains the minimum necessary files to boot your computer if the computer will not boot any other way (i
Routine application of drive power to the robot or robot system.