Definitions for "Good Standing"
A student in "good standing" is one who has maintained an academic record that meets the established UW-Platteville policy. Students in good standing may continue at the university, return to the university, or transfer to another institution. The grade point necessary to remain in good standing after one semester of attendance is 1.60. After the second and third semesters of attendance a student must have a cumulative GPA of 1.80 or higher.
The status of being accorded full acceptance by the congregation, irreprehensible, not disorderly or presently under charge of wrongdoing, not having {restricted} {privileges}. A person in good standing is generally viewed as loyal and obedient. (Compare {exemplary}.)
A term used to describe the status of mineral claims with respect to government assessment requirements; meaning free and clear of all work and/or monetary holding requirements.
A Distributor that has paid his or her enrollment or renewal, has not been suspended or terminated, and is faithfully adhering to the provisions of the Master Distributor Agreement.
An indication that a Working Group participant has attended meetings diligently and produced deliverables in a timely manner.