Definitions for "GPF"
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General Program Frontend
General Protection Fault. A very frustrating and all too frequent occurrence for many users is when a PC crashes or freezes in the middle of some task. A general protection fault is usually caused by a conflict in one of your configuration files (either config.sys or autoexec.bat) and is therefore only fixable by the extremely computer literate. In most cases you can choose to ignore the problem but often it is best to cash in your chips, close the application that was running, losing any unsaved information and boot up the computer again.
eneral rotection ault- This is the official name for a program crash. This usually happens when a program uses memory improperly, and the result is it freezes up or the operating system forces it to close. Other things might cause a GPF, but I think that is the most common one.
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(Gallons Per Flush) The rate of water flow by which toilets and flush valves are measured and regulated. Current law requires maximum of 1.6 GPF. Older styles were usually 3.5 GPF.
The unit of measurement by which flow rate of toilets are measured and regulated. Current U.S. regulations for toilets require a maximum of 1.6 GPF.
Gallons Per Flush. Unit of measurement which flow rates of toilets are measured and regulated.
What happens when you finally get your spreadsheet working correctly. But before you've had a chance to save it.
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