Definitions for "IPL"
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initial program loader³õÊ1/4
Initial Program Load. A long established IBM term, first used on their mainframes. It refers to the process of loading the first program into the system when starting it up, and hence is actually what is more commonly referred to as the bootstrap process.
Initial program load. Go To: Term Definition
Intense Pulse Light, a description of the technology used in the family of machines made by ESC.
Intense Pulsed Light — A treatment to remove blood vessels from the skin.[ edit][ edit][ edit][ edit][ edit
Intense Pulsed Light as most commonly employed by non-specialist medical practitioners and beauticians, is a method of hair removal from the body involving the use of a specially constructed xenon flash lamp and focusing optics.
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Short for IpodLinux.
Corel Pantone Spot Reference Palette
A feature that allows your affiliates to create direct links to the products featured on your site. The IPL feature works by allowing affiliates either to browse your site for products, or to choose from a list of products you have created. Merchants must be IPL enabled to use the feature; contact your LinkShare representative for details.
Industrial Poultry Production
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Interprovincial Pipe Line Inc.
International Private Line. An international private line (IPL) is a service that involves dedicated circuits, private switching arrangements, and/or predefined transmission paths, whether virtual or physical, which provide communications between specific locations and across national boundaries.
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Internet Public Library, School of Information
Internet Public Library URL: