Definitions for "ESC "
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Electronic Speed Control. Used to control the speed of the boat with FETS (filed effect transformers) This device takes inputs from the receiver and controls the speed of the motor by allowing current to flow from the battery to pulse through to the motor.
erosion and sediment control
electronic supervisory control
European Social Charter
ECOTECH Sub-Committee of the SOM
is an acroynm for the European Society of Cardiology.
Enhanced Experimental Vehicles Safety Program / Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Prog.
An agreement purchased to supplement the factory warranty of a vehicle used to cover against breakdown and mechanical failures. These agreements can prove valuable, however they vary widely in coverage, and cost. The terms and conditions of a particular contract should be reviewed carefully.
A vehicle protection plan typically promoted by a vehicle dealer. It is designed to supplement the manufacturer's warranty. Costs and coverage vary widely, so the terms and conditions should be read carefully and fully understood before signing any contract.
ESC is a character used as a prefix for typing Meta characters on keyboards lacking a META key. Unlike the META key (which, like the SHIFT key, is held down while another character is typed), the ESC key is pressed once and applies to the next character typed.
the key that may allow the user to exit the current screen or function.
ape A keyboard key which, when pressed either: 1. Terminates the current process, erasing all the data 2. Has no effect whatsoever, allowing the current process to continue erasing all the data. Fax Largely outdated technology for distributing unwanted and unwelcome messages. Now mostly replaced by email.
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Environmental Stewardship Coalition SC Spoelhof Center
EMERGENCY SERVICES CENTER. Facilities open at all times; always ready to help anyone who comes.
Education Service Centers
ESC is a Win32/WSH shell-tool for compressing/crunching ECMAScript compliant code into supertight, bandwidth-optimized packages.
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Extra Supple Casing - highly flexible, diagonal carcass with 127 TPI (420 threads/dm2) cord density, a technology found on top-of-the-line tyres which helps them achieve top performance.
Embryonic stem cell. A totipotent cell cultured from an early-stage embryo. Genetic modification of embryonic stem cells produces transgenic animals.
Employment Security Commission
Essential Services Commission
employer services coordinator – an RSC employee who develops relationships with community employers, thereby increasing employment opportunities for RSC consumers. An ESC is involved in coordinating projects such as the Governor's Initiative on Jobs for People with Disabilities and EnterpriseWorks. There's at least one ESC in each of RSC's four geographic service areas.
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makes flash lamp hair removal products PhotoDerm HR and EpiLight
Environmental Stress Cracking. Cracks that develop when the material is subjected to stress or strain in the presence of specific chemicals.
Environmental Stress Cracking. The susceptibility of a thermoplastic article to cracking under the influence of certain chemicals and stress.
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Enlisted Spouses Club
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EISA System Component
Education Solution Consultant
See enterprise strategy consultant.
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Eagle Signal Corporation
Ecological Science Cooperatives
Educational Software Cooperative