Definitions for "fdm"
Fused Deposition Modelling The FDM process forms three-dimensional objects from CAD-generated solid or surface models. A temperature-controlled head extrudes thermoplastic material layer by layer. The designed object emerges as a solid three-dimensional part without the need for tooling.
Fasham Ducklow McKelvie Ecosystem model.
fused deposition modeling. A thermoplastic extrusion-based rapid prototyping technology provided by Stratasys.
A method of dividing an available frequency range into parts with each having enough bandwidth to carry one channel.
The subdivision of a transmission circuit into two or more separate circuits by splitting the frequency range of the circuit into narrow frequency bands.
The division of a transmission frequency range into narrower bands to create two or more channels, enabling each data source to have its own channel. In FDM, the multichannel transmission must emanate from a single location — unlike frequency division multiple access (FDMA), which enables the source data signals to emanate from multiple transmitters in different locations. See FDMA.
fdm is a simple, lightweight replacement for mail fetch, filter and delivery programs such as fetchmail and procmail. It can fetch using POP3 or IMAP or from stdin, and deliver to a pipe, file, maildir, mbox or SMTP server, based on regexps.
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fdm is a bit of eye candy for the X Window System. Little lines wiggle around, follow each other, bounce through mazes, and leave pretty trails.
Finite Difference Method. An alternative method to discretize the partial differential equations that describe conservation of mass, momentum and energy. The advantage of the FDM is that it is easy to implement, but it is generally limited to rectangular geometry which cannot be multiply connected (e.g. no ribs or stiffeners). It has therefore been used a lot in scientific environments.
Forecourt Distribution Module. A board used to connect the forecourt devices, such as pumps and tanks to The Enabler card, providing the physical and electronic format to suit each manufacturer's equipment.
Fiber distribution module. Fiber distribution modules contain pre-connectorized and pre-tested fiber optic cables. These assemblies mount easily into traditional patch panels. FDM's provide a modular, compact, and organised fiber optic solution. See also: fiber optic assemblies See links to product page