Definitions for "SSB"
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single single bridge
ingle ide and. A more efficient form of AM transmission where the carrier and one sideband are not transmitted. The transmitter's power is concentrated on sending just the remaining sideband, which contains all of the necessary information. (see ACSB, AM, FM)
Abbreviation for ingle ide and.
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Stan's Soapbox - Stan Lee's OP/ED column appearing in Marvel Comics
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Syncrude Sweet Blend. A 100% upgraded, high-quality product with 31o to 33o API, low sulphur (0.1%- 0.2%), low residuals and excellent low-temperature pour qualities.
State Street Bank. This is the master custodian for CalPERS investment funds and the administrator of our supplemental savings programs.
SW (Shortwave) UHF (Ultra High Frequencies)
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Space Science Board/Space Studies Board.
System and Switch Board. On an M20 router, a Packet Forwarding Engine component that performs route lookups and component monitoring and monitors FPC operation.
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spawning stock biomass
Military acronym for Soft Support Building. (U.S. Air Force)
Support Shute Binder
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Ship Safety Bulletin
Ship Safety Branch
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Sea State Bias
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Spanish Stud Book
a type of AM transmission which occupies half the spectrum of a standard AM signal
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Standards Setting Body