Definitions for "PXE"
Keywords:  preboot, boot, wfm, bios, intel
Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) architecture for booting a client computer. This is an Intel standard and lies within the system BIOS of a computer. Cisco Network Boot uses this architecture for the booting process.
See definition for: Preboot Execution Environment quorum disk The cluster disk on which configuration data is maintained in the quorum log, cluster database checkpoint, and resource checkpoints. The quorum disk is managed by the Quorum resource, which is usually a special kind of Physical Disk resource. Remote Installation Services (RIS) Software services that allow an administrator to set up new client computers remotely, without having to visit each client. The target clients must support remote booting. See also: Preboot Execution Environment SAN See definition for: storage area network (SAN)
Preboot Execution Environment. A standard client/server interface that enables networked computers that are not yet installed with an operating system to be configured and booted remotely. PXE booting is configured at the BIOS level.