Definitions for "Grenadier"
Originaly, a soldier who carried and threw grenades; afterward, one of a company attached to each regiment or battalion, taking post on the right of the line, and wearing a peculiar uniform. In modern times, a member of a special regiment or corps; as, a grenadier of the guard of Napoleon I. one of the regiment of Grenadier Guards of the British army, etc.
Soldier specialized in grenade launching
a type of soldier who specializes in using grenades
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Any marine fish of the genus Macrurus, in which the body and tail taper to a point; they mostly inhabit the deep sea; -- called also onion fish, and rat-tail fish.
deep-sea fish with a large head and body and long tapering tail
A bright-colored South African grosbeak (Pyromelana orix), having the back red and the lower parts black.
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an infantryman equipped with grenades