Definitions for "Regiment"
A body of men, either horse, foot, or artillery, commanded by a colonel, and consisting of a number of companies, usually ten.
In the infantry a regiment consists of a number of battalions. All wear the same badges and are under the control of the Colonel of the Regiment for ceremonial matters. In the cavalry a regiment is usually a body of 4-600 men commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel. Cavalry regiments very seldom have more than one regiment.
A large body of troops, organised under the command of a superior officer, and forming a definite unit of an army or military force; the specific name of the largest permanent unit of the cavalry, infantry, and foot-guards of the British Army since the 17th century
A region or district governed.
To form into classified units or bodies; to systematize according to classes, districts or the like.
To organize and manage in a uniform and rigid manner; to control with a strict discipline.
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a "clan" of people with one leader who can fight against other clans
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an extended family
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Government; mode of ruling; rule; authority; regimen.
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an organization and a place for people
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To form into a regiment or into regiments.
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