Definitions for "Cohort"
A natural group of orders of plants, less comprehensive than a class.
a group of people defined according to a common experience (such as birth year) or exposure, such as to a disease — and who, on that basis, may be chosen for/monitored as part of a clinical study.
any group of people with a time-specific common experience, but frequently refers to individuals born during the same time period. Although the time interval may be arbitrarily chosen, it is often used to study generations, both intra- and intergenerational characteristics and social relations.
A body of about five or six hundred soldiers; the tenth part of a legion.
Any band or body of warriors.
A division of the Roman army, at times numbering about 500 soldiers.
A unit of about 500 allied troops; during the Second Punic War the term began to be used for units composed of a maniple each of hastati, principes, and triarii acting together.
A collection of individuals of the same age followed through time.
Spirit vested follower of an adept. Not usually as enhanced as a Paladin.
A sample of subjects whose behaviour is followed over a period of time.
mutually drawn into experiential escapades
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A largely independent formation of Knight Walkers with its own support branches, including logistics, sanitation and combat engineers. The Cohorts vary in size, but normally have about a thousand men and up to a hundred Knight walkers.
Federal definition of a cohort used in compliance reporting for retention and graduation rates: A degree-seeking undergraduate who is enrolled in the fall term who either matriculated in that fall term or in any one of the previous summer sessions.
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See: follicular recruitment
each aggregation of trees that start as a result of a single distrubance.
cohesion, operational readiness training
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Equivalent to a battalion
a company of companions or supporters
a valuable new approach that will offer new insights
an integrated community of learners
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Critical Size
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see 'Military Terms'.
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See Definition and selection of cohorts.