Definitions for "GRM"
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gross rent multiplier. The relationship or ratio between the sale price or value of a property and its gross rental income.
Gross Rent Multiplier. Sales Price/Monthly Rental Income Example of GRM usage: Say, recent sales of properties similar to the subject property you are evaluating, had GRM's of 110 to 130. If the subject property has rental income of $3,000 per month, the property would roughly be valued at $330,000 conservatively to $390,000 aggresively.
Gross Rent Multiplier. A method of estimating or expressing a property's value as a multiple of its gross rental income.
GRM is an Modular Homepage System. Automatical installation and update function on a Webserver with PHP und MYSQL. Written in php. Configuration, installation und Update Assistent.
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Government of Mozambique
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green and mauve morning glory (banded in green)
The Generic Reference Model (GRM) forms the basis for the design of the AIMS database, underpinning the overall process of collecting and classifying information.