Definitions for "Grouper"
One of several species of valuable food fishes of the genus Epinephelus, of the family Serranidæ, as the red grouper, or brown snapper (Epinephelus morio), and the black grouper, or warsaw (Epinephelus nigritus), both from Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.
der Zackenbarsch Epinephelus guaza
any species of bony fishes in the subfamily Epinephelinae of the sea bass family, Serranidae. Groupers have a typical seabass appearance with robust bodies, large mouths and sharp teeth. Some get to be enormous in size, many feet long and reaching weights
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The tripletail (Lobotes).
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The grouper is a specially designed computer software that assigns hospital episodes to MDCS and DRGs.
Computer program that uses specific data elements to assign patients, clients, or residents to groups, categories, or classes. Back to the top of the page
In California, the name is often applied to the rockfishes.
An interface that allows a user to group and select workloads for viewing and analysis. A user interface that allows you to analyze device specific metrics and to define groups of devices.