Definitions for "Gunmetal"
Keywords:  tin, bronze, zinc, alloy, copper
Strong alloy of copper and tin developed in the 19thC to make guns and also cast to make domestic hollow-ware, candlesticks and furniture ornaments.
This is a copper-tin alloy, similar to bronze, used where resistance to corrosion and/or wear required. Composition: 88% copper, 8% tin, 4% zinc.
a type of bronze used for parts subject to wear or corrosion (especially corrosion by sea water)
Keywords:  dark, bluish, rusting, finish, antiqued
Dark, almost black, finish applied to the surface of iron heads for cosmetic reasons or to prevent rusting of a carbon steel head.
This type of plating uses black nickel, and means that the finished hardware has a darker, more antiqued look.
Description of a metal finish that is a dark bluish gray color.
Keywords:  genius, mad, shooter, game, distributed
Gunmetal is a first person shooter video game for the PC. It was developed and distributed by Mad Genius Software in 1998.