Definitions for "Handbooks"
Each year The University of Melbourne publishes handbooks which detail all undergraduate and postgraduate courses. These are available for purchase at the Bookroom. The handbooks can also be accessed online at Some faculties and departments also publish their own subject handbooks.
provide simple, brief, thorough information about a subject.
example(Used interchangeably with "handbooks" and "manuals") Cover a variety of topics. Some explain how to do something (e.g. how to format a citation to a journal article in a bibliography, according to a specific format). Other handbooks, manuals, and guides provide basic information. See: Reference Sources.
also called "guides" or "manuals," handbooks cover a variety of topics such as explaining how to do something or providing basic information.
the part of the learning materials package that provides information to learners about other materials (for example, video cassettes) that have been purchased or leased from another institution but that need some explanatory notes so that they fit into the context of the user institution.