Definitions for "MANUALS"
Keywords:  keyboards, solo, octaves, pedal, piano
Keyboards in the console, designed to be played with the hands, as opposed to the Pedal keyboard, which is to be played with the feet. Manual keyboards resemble those of a piano, but normally have only five octaves (61 notes), beginning with C, two octaves below Middle C. Having more than one Manual makes possible quick changes in registration (by moving from one Manual to another) or solo effects with accompaniment (by playing on two Manuals at once).
This is the organ term for the keyboards.
example(Used interchangeably with "guides" and "handbooks") Cover a variety of topics. Some explain how to do something (e.g. how to format a citation to a journal article in a bibliography, according to a specific format). Other handbooks, manuals, and guides provide basic information. See: Flow of Information.
This is the name that developers must give to a separate directory on the distribution CD, located directly off the CD root directory. The Manuals directory is used by EPRI to contain the Software User Manual and any other user documents or images. When the software is submitted for Final Acceptance Testing, the developer must place the User Manual in this directory as a Microsoft Word document. After Final Acceptance Testing, EPRI creates a master distribution CD containing the User Manual in the EPRI standard PDF format. More information is available on the Software Distribution Process and the single-CD format. Return to top of the page
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These provide the day-to-day guidance on how the franchisor will expect the franchisee to operate. The field consultant will check that this is happening.
Books of reference providing standard operating management or technical information. [D02985] RMW
an example of a rough clinical rule of thumb designed to accommodate such variation
give instructional / how-to information on a subject.
The manuals listed under this title contain the directives, instructions, guidelines or procedures that are used by the employees of a department or agency to carry out its operations, activities or programs.