Definitions for "Hard Reset"
Keywords:  reboot, unplug, reset, shutting, ipaq
a reboot which also deletes contents of device RAM
a reset by means of a reset pattern, and allows all the peripheral devices (base devices and expansion devices) connected to a certain port to be initialized
a simultaneous soft reset with the pin, combined with holding down the power button
a clumsy operation because at this point you probably have the device face down, and may not realize that a dialog appears on the screen
an operation that goes in and clears out all such registers so the equipment can boot up from scratch and hopefully return to normal operation
a time consuming operation
This refers to the forced, immediate shutdown and restart of a PDA or other device by means of hardware. This is typically done by pushing a sequence of...
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a last resort, and you shouldn't have to do one
a drastic step--the equivalent of erasing your hard drive
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a bit extreme at this point I think
The physical removal and insertion of a card. A card pull.