Definitions for "Headliner"
Keywords:  dome, garage, interior, roof, hardboard
The cloth-covered or hardboard liner attached to the roof of most vehicles that provides a clean, luxurious appearance and helps to reduce interior noise levels.
Fabric roof lining or ceiling inside the vehicle.
The material covering the roof inside a car, usually vinyl but sometimes cloth.
The comedian who appears last and therefore sticks the most in the audience's mind. Great to do it in a theatre, but really shit in a strip club.
the third and last comedian considered the star of a standard stand-up comedy show.
Keywords:  kuenning, rfl, roadie, karl, dictates
Main performer of the show, usually dictates the sound, lights and staging decisions. Submitted by Karl Kuenning RFL from Roadie Net.
a performer who receives prominent billing
The Headliner (or Headline act) at a concert event is the main band or performer at a concert, is most often the best known, and often performs as the final act in the lineup.
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Someone who is wanted and/or has a bounty on his head.