Definitions for "Heel hook"
The act of hooking your heel over a hold or ledge and using your legs to pull yourself up. Excellent technique for using holds that could not otherwise be reached with your hands. A lot of yoga is recommended before attempting this
A move where the heel is hooked over a protruding hold. Particularly useful for negotiating the lips of Roofs and Overhangs.
Putting the heel on a hold (often above the climber's head) and rocking onto it.§â¸}¸ò©ñ¦bÂI¤W¡]³q±`¶W¹LÃkµnªÌªºÀY¡^¡AµM«á·n1/2}¦Ó¤W¡C
a leg lock affecting multiple joints , and that is applied by transversely twisting the foot either medially or laterally
Keywords:  climbing, third, technique, pull, down
A climbing technique involving the use of a heel to pull down like a third arm.