Definitions for "Cleats"
a pair of shoes with cleats on the soles; "the football players all wore cleats".
The spikes on the sole of the shoe.
A type of athletic shoe used for playing sports like baseball, football, or soccer. Cleats have some type of projections, either metal or rubber, on the outsole. Cleats are subject to sales tax during the Texas Sales Tax Holiday. Also known as studs.
The lumber boards which provide the framing structure to reinforce the crate or box and add bulk to the edges for nailing or stapling purpose.
Temporary footholds or staging. Should be used in conjunction with safety harness or appropriate fall protection equipment.
Iron or wooden contrivances to which ropes may be secured.
Wood strips on sides of shipping container for sliding and handling purposes. Also wood strips on a structure for attaching another fixture or structure.
Method of mechanical attachment.
In closet and utility shelving, the wood members furnished to support the shelf.
Brackets used to provide restraint to cladding panels.
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Elements used to wedge or to block
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Small hooks that can be used to keep extra cording out of the way.