Definitions for "Hooks"
same as “Digging holes,” allusion to fishing.
refer to single, double, triple, octopus and snelled. For the purposes of this book, we refer to the treble, and single point octopus style hooks for saltwater fishing.
Small metal devices used to grip tiny ledges or small holes.
English, In grappling, this refers to the use of one's legs, the act of entangling them in a particular manner among the opponent's legs, so as to impede the opponent's use of their legs in assisting their escape. This is often used to stretch one's opponent from a prone position, with the arms controlling the upper torso, and the legs controlling the lower half of the body.
A situation where you are using arms, hands, legs, feet, or all of the above to literally form a hook around the body of the opponent. This action is used to control the opponent's body and manipulate it how you wish.
Curved timbers or knees, to bind the sides of the vessel together at the stem and stern posts outside. Those forward are breast-hooks; those aft, crutches; and those under the ends of the decks, deck-hooks.
The curved portions of down-turned handlebars.
Attachments soldered or welded to arch wires for the placement of elastics, headgear, or elastic chains.
A small wire loop used to attach elastics (rubber bands). Some brackets have built-in hooks. Impressions- We use a soft clay-like material, which is placed in a small tray that fits over your teeth. In just a few minutes, your teeth leave a print in this material. This creates a mold for us to use.
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Made from 1/4 " (6 - 10 mm) iron rod varying from 8" - 12" (200 300 mm) in length, pointed at one end, and with a forged right angle hook on the other to hold the sway. Driven into the rafters to secure the roof.
The pins that are inserted into the pleats and top corners of the draperies, that hold the draperies on the rods.
large strong hand (as of a fighter); "wait till I get my hooks on him"
Functions which get called when certain things happen. They're like event handlers in some languages except that, as with Java interfaces, you don't get to pick their names, you just supply an Object with all the right function names defined. You register with another part of the MUDLib for a Hook -- if the driver just does it automatically, it's an Apply instead of a Hook.
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Open ends or hooks of a extension springs.
Open loops or ends of extension springs.
Open loops at the end of extension springs.
Gambits intended to spur visitors' interest and/or reaction.
A directory full of hook script templates (and hook scripts themselves, once you've installed some).