Definitions for "Shelving"
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The act of laying on a shelf, or on the shelf; putting off or aside; as, the shelving of a claim.
A means of rolling off the high or low frequencies. It is similar to a bass or treble control.
A type of equalization circuit that has a shelf-like characteristic at the upper or lower ends of the spectrum. A shelving EQ at 15 kHz would in the boost position increase the high frequencies up to 15 kHz where it would shelf.
is a decision taken by the ILO Governing Body concerning an ILO Convention which, in the view of the Governing Body, no longer corresponds to current needs, is outmoded or obsolete. The decision means that: ratification is no longer encouraged; publication of the Convention in Office documents, studies and research papers is to be discontinued; detailed reports on the application of these Conventions are no longer requested; the right to invoke provisions relating to representations and complains under articles 24 and 26 of the ILO Constitution remain intact; employers' and workers' organizations may continue to make comments in accordance with the regular supervisory procedures; the Committee of Experts may review comments of employers' and workers' organizations; and the Committee of Experts may request detailed reports under article 22 of the Constititution. Shelving has no impact on the status of these Conventions in the legal systems of the member States that have ratified them.
Used for economical storage of small hand-stackable items that are not suited to mechanized handling and storage due to their handling characteristics, activity, or quantity.
The process of replacing books onto the library collection shelves.
1. All the shelves in a library. 2. The act of putting books away in their proper places on the shelves of a library.
Collectively, the shelves upon which books and other library materials are stored.
Sloping gradually; inclining; as, a shelving shore.
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Shell Shield
Acknowledging an offer but not doing anything with it, with the intent of using it later. Of course, later never comes.
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The act of fitting up shelves; as, the job of shelving a closet.
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Installing Shelves
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Material for shelves; shelves, collectively.