Definitions for "Hips"
The pod of seeds that may develop if a spent bloom is not removed. Not all roses will readily cross- or self-pollinate. Hips can be a valuable source of food for overwintering birds. Allowing them to develop will reduce subsequent bloom.
A fruiting body of a rose plant, though not all roses have them. Left on the plant, they will turn red which can be a distinct attraction during the winter. The hips do cause the rose plant to stop blooming, so deadheading remontant roses can improve later crops of flowers. Rose hips are one of nature's most concentrated sources of vitamin C. They are dried and used in herbal teas and made into syrups and jellys. In New Jersey if the dear don't eat the flowers, then they do eat the hips.
The colorful cherry-like fruit of the rose flower that is rich in vitamin C. Deadheading roses prevents the formation of hips but encourages multiple blooms.
Host Intrusion Prevention System) Refers to McAfee® Host-based Intrusion Prevention System, which defends desktops and servers with combined signature, behavioral, and firewall protections. See also NIPS, IPS.
Hip joints: The general category for orthopedic diseases of the hip joints. The details of the disease and the grading have been presented on the GDC evaluation form which went to the owner.
Sloping junction of two roofing surfaces that generally meet at an external corner.
The corners of a haystack
HIPS a High Impact Styrene - similar to ABS but without the rubber.
High Impact Polystyrene
When all the bells are deliberately rung together, usually at Weddings and other special occasions, although it is not done that often now. More commonly known as Firing.
A 4 mm thick sheets, 1 m. deep are used to form “escape proof” planters often using two layers to allow for cracking under pressure.