Definitions for "HISTORIAN"
a prophet in reverse
a prophet who has suffered reverses
a social prophet looking backward
A writer of history; a chronicler; an annalist.
(noun) A student, or writer, of history
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a scholar of history
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A broad-gauge gossip.
A historian is a type of database designed to store process data. Due to the enormous amout of process data some plants produce, some historians compress data using algorithms. Others historians are designed to act as a "rolling buffer" and are able to store high frequency data. See desktop historian.
The chapter historian maintains an accurate history of the chapter
"Historian" is a term used by medical professionals (particularly doctors and nurses) to describe a person's ability to "give a good history," that is, to recall and describe details of one's own or one's family or friends' medically relevant background, injuries or illnesses, lists of drugs prescribed and taken, dates and results of surgical operations and procedures, etc. One is a good or poor historian to the degree he can provide this information accurately and if it is of use to the medical professional. This term has nothing to do with the subject of History per se.
Someone who studies the past; a history detective. Historians gather evidence and use that evidence to make their best guesses about what really happened in the past.
(his•to•ri•an) n. – a person who studies or writes about history.
a person who is an authority on history and who studies it and writes about it
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One versed or well informed in history.