Definitions for "Arts and Sciences"
Medieval crafts and skills researched and practiced by members of the SCA. This is sometimes shortened to A&S as in, "There's an A&S competition at this event."
A group of academic studies that may include fine arts, languages, social sciences, natural sciences and humanities. The group may be called a division, college or school; for example, the College of Arts and Sciences at State University.
Competition The Arts and Sciences comprise just about everything we do, making clothes, calligraphy, painting, embroidery, making armor and weapons, etc, and often at events there is a competition where artisians in the Society display the medieval projects they've been working on. If there is an Arts and Sciences (often shortened to just A and S) competition, there will be an A and S coordinator handling the judging, see them for details. Feel free to check out our Baronial Arts and Sciences page for more.
a fledgling discipline, and all professional career paths within it are pioneering ones