Definitions for "This course"
a basic introduction into the science of friction ridge analysis and fingerprint identification
a basic introduction to the
a comprehensive two-day certificate program that provides an intensive introduction to the real estate business and to the specific ways support staff can become valuable assets to their employers
Keywords:  overview, vha, warehousing, ira, church
an overview of current and future directions in data warehousing activities in VHA
a practical overview of the basic requirements and responsibilities of administering a church music program
a tax overview of retirement plans for small business and rules and regulations for IRA's
a comparative survey of the major religious systems of the world, both Eastern and Western, with emphasis on those religions currently in practice
a study of religious groups in America, both historical and contemporary, including a survey of traditional denominations and their beliefs, as well as newer movements and cults
a survey of Shakespeare's plays
a practical application of Federal individual theory to actual workshop problems and tax returns using major tax computer software
a workshop in applied microeconomic theory
Keywords:  golf, bunkers, wonderful, ing, tee
an excellent test of golf with numerous trees, water hazards, bunkers, and large tee-ing areas
a wonderful test for your golf game
a college level course
a combination course taught to law enforcement and civilian students in the practical use of close quarter defensive accuracy
a hands-on course where the student will learn about robots and about several aspects related to robot design and programming
a continuation of AIM A
a continuation of Computer Science II
a continuation of Drafting A
a prerequisite for many technological and vocational programs in the province
an examination of documentary film and video, both as a film movement and as a record of history
an examination of the present and past interrelationships between people and plants
an extension of basic microbiological methods for analyzing environmentally important processes
an introductory experimental laboratory for digital networks
Keywords:  tour, physics
a tour of Physics
Keywords:  boring, gem, true, hole, find
a true gem, and you will not find a boring hole
an essential resource for engineers, scientists and managers who are involved in the design and delivery of biologics manufacturing facilities
Keywords:  freedom, turning, financial, point
a turning point in my financial freedom
Keywords:  hires, retail, wanting, training, need
a MUST for those wanting to work in retail sales and for new hires that need training