Definitions for "Hives"
Keywords:  urticaria, itchy, paler, redder, wheals
An eruptive disease (Varicella globularis), allied to the chicken pox.
eruption of itchy red and white wheals on the skin as a result of excessive histamine release within the skin.
skin condition marked by reddened elevated patches that are often itchy; may be caused by infections, trauma, medications, emotional stress, certain foods or food additives
Keywords:  croup
The croup.
Keywords:  jinx, morfin, gaunt, hbp, riddle
Morfin Gaunt hit Tom Riddle Sr. with a jinx that made him break out in painful hives (HBP10)
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What you get when receive the vet bill for your 6 horses, 3 dogs, 4 cats, and 1 donkey.