Definitions for "Hot spot"
A volcanic center located within a lithospheric plate that is thought to be caused by a plume of hot mantle material rising from depth.
The portion of the cursor that must be positioned over a screen object before mouse clicks can have an effect on that object. Designated as a point (not a bit) in the image of the cursor. The mouse driver uses the hot spot to align the cursor with the mouse location.
An area in the upper mantle, ranging from 100 to 200 kilometers in width, from which magma rises in a plume to form volcanoes. A hot spot may endure for 10 million years or more.
moist eczema, or localized skin inflammation
a local area of infection or inflammation on a dog's skin
a moist, red, strong-smelling, infected area on the dog's skin
An area of exceptionally high species richness, especially concentrations of localized rare species that occur nowhere else.
An undesirable phenomenon of PV device operation whereby one or more cells within a PV module or array act as a resistive load, resulting in local overheating or melting of the cell(s).
Undesirable concentration of light on one area of slide or film.
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A square on the board that offers high-scoring opportunities, such as an open TWS line or TLS or DWS next to a vowel.
A square on the board which offers high-scoring opportunities, such as a TLS or DWS next to a vowel.
A place on the screen, either a word, phrase, picture, or graphic design, that contains a hyperlink. The hot spot can be linked to text elsewhere in the ebook, or it can trigger playback of an audio or video clip, among other things.
see Hyperlink.
an invisible region on a graphic to which you have assigned a hyperlink
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A region that is especially susceptible to mutations. Mutations occur at such sites at a much higher frequency than most other positions in the genome.
A part of a gene with a very high tendency to become mutated, either naturally or under the induction of a mutagen.
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a part of the panorama image or of the object which is setup so that when you click on it something happens
A place on a Web page that users can click to connect to other topics, documents, or Web sites. See Part III.
A place on a web page, which when clicked on enables the user to jump to another web page, or position on the same page
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a painful circle of inflammation that occurs when pets rub, scratch, lick or bite their way into baldness
Site where the natural field infestation of a particular insect or disease is high, providing sufficient pressure for reliable results in varietal resistance tests.
A point in the environment where a particular property (for example temperature, oil pollution, phytoplankton levels) is abnormal or high.
Shoreline segment characterized by erosion rates that are significantly greater than adjacent shoreline segments.
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a space that seems to attract stuff to it
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a point of intense heat or radiation
term used to describe a place where many people like to hunt or hang there, similar as Point of interest
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A section of a kiln that fires to a hotter temperature than the rest of the kiln.
a condition indicating some form of clustering in a spatial distribution
an extremely light part of a photo that washes out all detail on a developed photograph.
a portion of the system that is likely to change from one system variant to another
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a code region where the program spends most of its time
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a label attached to a record
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a singles event / social gathering we have scheduled
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a green word or phrase that can be used to open help about that particular word or phrase
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A particularly active part of a fire.