Definitions for "Hornet"
Keywords:  wasp, sting, vespa, vespines, maculata
A large, strong wasp. The European species (Vespa crabro) is of a dark brown and yellow color. It is very pugnacious, and its sting is very severe. Its nest is constructed of a paperlike material, and the layers of comb are hung together by columns. The American white-faced hornet (Vespa maculata) is larger and has similar habits.
large stinging paper wasp
a kind of wasp, a flying, stinging insect
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a marvelous little amp
The Hornet is an identity used by three fictional characters in the Marvel Universe, one villain, and two heroes. Both the first and third Hornets have suffered from physical disabilities.
Keywords:  ikarus, heli, piccolo, eco, competitor
MS Composite Hornet is the competitor electric micro heli to the Ikarus Eco Piccolo.
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Nickname for the F-18.
Being stung by a hornet predicts success in your current undertakings.
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Hornet is a tool to browse and build MySQL databases, with the ability to connect to remote servers. It intends in the future to provide the capability to generate PHP-based interfaces to MySQL databases.