Definitions for "HOUSE ORGAN"
A magazine, newsletter, or newspaper, published by a corporation (or other organization) for distribution without charge to its employees. It is not intended for distribution to the general public. An in-house magazine or newsletter. House organs usually contain information about staff changes, hirings, retirements, awards, and other company news. The expense of a house organ is often justified as an important public relations endeavor, which leads to higher employee morale and productivity. The publication should not be confused with corporate publications produced for shareholders, the investment community, or other important stakeholders. See also NEWSLETTER PERIODICAL
a periodical published by a business firm for its employees and customers
Also referred to as a House Journal. This term can apply to two types of publications: 1) A Periodical intended for the employees of a company providing news and other items of interest for those employees, or 2) A Periodical covering the news of a particular company or institution with a limited distribution usually to customers, potential customers, and others involved in the business such as vendors or dealers.
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see house publication.