Definitions for "Household Goods"
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Keywords:  tdy, temdu, dwelling, embraces, museums
All personal property associated with the home and all personal effects belonging to the member and member's family on the effective date of the member's permanent change of station (PCS) or temporary duty (TEMDU/TDY) orders, which can be legally accepted and transported by a moving company.
as used in connection with transportation, means the personal effects or property used, or to be used, in a dwelling, when part of the equipment or supplies of the dwelling. Transportation of the household goods must be arranged and paid for by you or by another individual on your behalf. This may include items moving from a factory or store when you purchase them to use in your dwelling. You must request that these items be transported, and you (or another individual on your behalf) must pay the transportation charges to the mover.
Personal affects and/or property, used, or to be used in a dwelling.
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See chattels.