Definitions for "Householder"
The householder refers to the person (or one of the persons) in whose name the housing unit is owned or rented (maintained) or, if there is no such person, any adult member, excluding roomers, boarders, or paid employees. I f the house is owned or rented jointly by a married couple, the householder may be either the husband or the wife. The person designated as the householder is the "reference person" to whom the relationship of all other household members, if any, is recorded.
The person, or one of the people, who owns or rents the home. If there is no such person present, any household member 15 years old or over can serve as the householder.
someone who owns a home
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The master or head of a family; one who occupies a house with his family.
A person who occupies a house or apartment alone, as head of a household, or family. (chef de ménage)
In canonical Buddhism, householder refers to a particular strata of society whose individuals are typified by having a home life and family. In contemporary Buddhist communities, householder is often used synonymously with "laity."
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The second of the four stages of human life. This is when one takes on the responsibilities of adult life. It is the time for marriage, raising children, being involved in business and one's community. It is followed by retirement.
a normal man, and a normal man, given favorable conditions, has the possibility of development