Definitions for "Primary Residence"
Keywords:  reside, occupy, dwelling, intend, spend
The property that a person occupies on a primary basis.
Property in which a homeowner resides for the majority of a fiscal year. This property must be in the state where the homeowner files annual income taxes.
Dwelling in which a participant resides or intends to reside. For loan purposes, the determination of whether a dwelling is or will be used as a primary residence of the participant will be made at the time the loan is requested, based on the facts and circumstances of the particular situation.
Keywords:  ren, spend, child, his, home
The home in which the child(ren) spends most of his/her (their) time.
he home in which the child(ren) spend most of his/her (their) time.
Keywords:  live, rented, distinct, house, five
MP] The house in which the borrower will live most of the time, as distinct from a second home or an investor property that will be rented.
a house that you have owned and lived in for two of the five years before the sale
The place someone lives most of the time.