Definitions for "Chef"
The head cook of large establishment, as a club, a family, etc.
Same as Chief.
(French) A culinary expert. The chief of the kitchen.
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Halfling Chef
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a studio-based television series that shakes things up
Jerome "Chef" McElroy Jr. was a recurring character on the Comedy Central series South Park. He was voiced by Isaac Hayes. The character was "killed" in 2006, following controversy with Hayes, who left the show.
A bit of leaven starter used from bake to bake (mostly in sourdough bread). Bakers often pride themselves on using chef that goes back many years (although of course it is diluted every time it is used).
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Chef is an esoteric programming language designed by David Morgan-Mar. It is based on the manipulation of data values in a number of stacks.
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a good thing to be because you can make your food and make stuff to eat
1} A very grumpy man or woman who is in charge of creating foods and food combinations. 2} One who has access to very large knives.
a sorcerer who dispenses happiness on a plate
a complete and informative look at how the best in the business got where they are today
a convincing and seemingly honest look at the inner
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The Chef recipe management system
a manager, and being selfish and petty makes a very poor manager
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an entertaining and
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a person with a big enough vocabulary to give the soup a different name every day
A piece of dough saved from one day's batch of dough to be mixed into the next day's batch.
Head table, supervisor of the game, he who resolve possible confrontations
contour-clamped homogeneous electric fields
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City of Hull Environment Forum