Definitions for "HTML Help"
HTML Help is a subset of Online Help (Also see Online Help) that runs via a browser, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or AOL. HTML Help compiles a group of HTML pages into a single file called a CHM or Compiled HTML file. HTML Help files are typically used as an accompaniment to new products. Although it is not as versatile as WebHelp overall, an advantage that the HTML Help CHM file has over individual WebHelp pages is that it is much more compact. For example, this website, created in WebHelp, is currently over 8 megabytes in volume. Switching to an HTML Help format, the entire site converts down to under .5 megabytes and can easily be saved to a floppy disk. However, while a .CHM is good as an electronic 'Help Manual,' the .CHM format will not work for a web site, which requires 'non-compiled' individual pages.
Microsoft's preferred vehicle for delivering documentation, which has become the de facto standard for building full-featured help systems since its inclusion with Internet Explorer 4.0. The Montage Help file, montage.chm, uses HTML Help, and you can obtain information about setting up HTML Help on the Montage installation page.
The Microsoft replacement for Winhelp.