Definitions for "Web Browsers"
Browsers such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer provide an easy method of accessing and viewing information stored as web documents on different servers. The web pages stored as HTML files on the servers are accessed through a particular standard supported by the web browsers this is the hypertext transfer protocol (http), which you will always see preceding the web address of a company. For example defines the University home page at Derby.
Charlie) test this Web site with Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox, and the WebTV® Development Emulator. I'll admit here it has some features unique to Internet Explorer. All Firefox visitors are missing are the embedded display fonts that I use to garnish some pages. There are also (by my choice) absolutely no frames on this Web site. There's no tricky HTML likely to crash any Web browser; it's generally quite vanilla.
A web browser is a program used to display web pages on your computer.
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See 'browse(r)'.