Definitions for "hugin "
Keywords:  panorama, gui, dersch, helmut, ptgui
Hugin is a toolkit for stitching photographs and assembling panoramas, together with an easy to use graphical front end.
GUI for Panorama Tools, a powerful software package for the creation & processing of panoramic images. It supports most pano tools features and contains a powerful control point picker. Similar to the windows programs PTGui and PTAssembler.
Hugin is a cross-platform open source panorama photo stitching program developed by Pablo d'Angelo and others. Essentially, Hugin is a GUI frontend for Panorama Tools by Helmut Dersch. Stitching is accomplished by using several overlapping photos taken from the same location, and using control points to align and transform the photos so that they can be blended together to form a larger image.
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(hoog-in) [ hug mind] One of Odin's two ravens