Definitions for "Hurdles"
Traditionally made from cleft (split), hazel and strongly associated with downland areas of southern England where they were used for penning sheep. Today they are an attractive alternative to fence panels. Hurdles come in a variety of sizes from 6’ x 1’ to 6’x 6’. Smaller panels can be used as garden dividers or as screens. They can also be used as revetments for raised beds (see also Continuous Woven Fencing, Gate Hurdles & Hurdle Panels)
Hurdles are a form of rural crafts. They are lightweight portable fencing structures that are used to enclose (or 'fold') animals such as sheep (i.e.: a sheepfold). In England & Wales they have often been woven from Ash, willow or hazel withies, and made windproof with wattle, and so called 'wattle hurdles'.
a footrace in which contestant must negotiate a series of hurdles
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Hurdles was a pricing game on the American television game show, The Price Is Right. Lasting from February 19, 1976 to March 31, 1983, it was played for a large prize worth more than $1,000, and used grocery items.
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A running race in which athletes must leap over set obstacles on the track.
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Frame-like barriers to be overcome or jumped over.