Definitions for "I18N"
see Internationalisation
Internationalization functions. Non-content Modules use i18n to provide translation to multiple languages. [1.2] i18n files are stored at the Global and Publication levels in the Resources directory. [1.4] i18n files are stored in Modules at the Global, Template, and Publication levels. Modules can specify to use i18n files from other Modules (if the other Module exists.) ?Should there be i18n files used by multiple Modules? The search for an i18n key should be: This Module Additional Modules this Module specifies Repeat for the Template Module if inherited from a Template. Repeat inheritance check through Global Module or no more inheritance.
Common abbreviation for Internationalization. There are eighteen letters between the I and the N.
In Zope 3, i18n covers all that is needed to have an application be able to be switched from one language to another, or being able to support multiple languages at the same time, be it for its interface or for its content objects themselves. That covers input and output encoding, translatability and actual translation of views and contents, the tools and formats necessary to provide those translations, maybe even the translation workflows that authors will use. (thanks to Florent Guillaume for the corrected definition)
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