Definitions for "IHS"
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A monogram of the name of Jesus Christ. Towards the close of the Middle Ages IHS became a symbol, quite like the chi-rho in the Constantinian period.
The Sacred Monogram. The first three letters of the name JESUS in Greek. (In His Service)
A Greek elision of the name Jesus ( IHSUS) commonly used in the decorative arts. On icons, commonly used with the Greek letters chi-rho, short for Christ ( CRISTOS).
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Integrated Health System. Also called IDN, IHDN, and IHN.
Indian Health Services
Indian Health Service
Inner Heliospheric Sentinels
Icelandic Hydrographic Service
Idiopathic Hemorrhagic Syndrome
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Initial Height Sensing. This is the process of positioning the plasma-cutting torch at the correct distance above the plate prior to striking the arc. Inductive sensors are most often used to sense the plate as these can be used above or below water. Once the initial torch height has been set and the arc started, arc-voltage height control is used to maintain the correct torch to material stand-off during cutting.
Inuvialuit Harvest Study
The Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies
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Interstate Highway System
International Headache Society
International Historic Site.