Definitions for "IMAC"
An Apple computer intended for home, school, and small offices, and promoted by Apple as an easy-to-use, stylish computer. The computer comes equipped with a 500, 600 or 700MHz G3 processor, 32 MB SDRAM, 4GB hard disk drive, a 56K modem, and a Universal Serial Bus ( USB ), which allows a user to add devices without restarting the computer. The iMac does not come with a floppy disk drive, which has raised concerns with some critics and users. Easily recognizable for its translucent colored casing, the computer sold quickly after its introduction in August 1998. See Apple iMac Website
a fabulous first effort at a computer-as-appliance
a well-endowed computer as far as its
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internal modem iPod ISP
Scale RC aerobatics. International Minature Aerobatic Club. Report this Word Added by: grotto2
interim maximum acceptable concentration. a temporary guideline prescribed under the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality for those substances for which there is insufficient information to form a reliable maximum acceptable concentration (see also maximum acceptable concentration)
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a great choice